Is Our Bullet Coating Tough?

We drilled a hole and heated the bullet with a torch.
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The Lead Melted!

The lead melted and ran out the hole and the vacuum collapsed the coating. The rest of the coating is still intact. That's tough!!!
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Precision Bullets Tough!

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Precision Bullets are swaged with certified 6/2 lead alloy. We then apply our unique dry-lube formula. This process completely encases the precision lead core. What does this mean for you? Safe for indoor ranges. No leading in the barrel. Fire more rounds downrange between cleanings. Load twice as long and twice as much before cleaning your dies. Less smoke since no messy wax lubricants are used.

Precision Bullets cost only a few dollars more than the cheapest cast lead bullets, but they give you jacketed bullet ballistics.

They are clean, safe and accurate.

The tough coat protects the bullet from damage and is a natural lubricant. It keeps the bullet at tight factory dimensions and goes through the bore intact.

That means no lead on your hands, no lead dust and no toxic fumes.

Even long sessions at the loading bench or when shooting on indoor ranges. It means clean hands, clean guns, clean reloading dies - and clean air.

And you get a bullet which is highly uniform in weight and dimension.
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