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Any reloading data for cast lead bullets will work for precision bullets
Yes and No. We have many Glock shooters using Precision Bullets in factory Glock barrels with great results. However, I tell all Glock shooters it is try and see. If you have tried plated bullets and accuracy was good without keyholeing, then ours should be fine. If you have tried traditional cast lead bullets and accuracy was good after 200+ rounds without heavy fouling, then our bullets will work fine and shoot a lot cleaner.
NO—we have had customers try our bullets in HK’s with the polygonal rifling , but the results were poor.
Sorry, we are not currently set up for retail sales at our factory and only offer mail order at this time. All prices include shipping and handling
We use a proprietary solid dry film lubricant. This is similar to the moly/poly coatings on the market but is much tougher. We bake the coating onto the bullets, then restrike the bullets in carbide dies after the coating is applied.
NO—we don’t recommend our bullets for compensated guns. When the bullet passes through the compensator, the gases are diverted and will cut the base of the bullet causing way too much smoke and leading. Stick with JHP’s.
Yes - all prices on the website include shipping through the United States Postal Service flat rate Priority Mail.
Absolutely. Once you place your online order through our secure server, you will receive an email order confirmation. At the factory, we download your order and we'll send out another email to you on the estimated shipping date.
Your credit card is not charged until we are prepared to ship your bullets. When we've got your order ready, you will be notified via email of the shipping date.
Make sure to have enough bell on the case so you don't shave off the coating during the seating process
Do not seat and crimp in the same die. Use a separate taper crimp die.
We strongly recommend Dillon Precision reloading equipment.
No. You should never use a roll crimp or Lee Factory Taper Crimp Die. The roll crimp will cut through the coating. You should use use a factory taper crimp die.
Any powders for cast lead bullets will work for Precision Bullets.
Vihtavuori – N-320/N-340
Ramshot – Competition/Zip
Winchester – WST
Alliant – American Select/Power Pistol
Hodgdon – Universal Clays/HP38
Hodgdon – Titegroup
Vihtavuori – N-310
Make sure you have a good bell on the case and not shaving through the coating during the seating process.
If you are using brand new brass, make sure there is not a sharp edge on the inside of the case mouth (try used brass).
Make sure you have a good crimp.
If you are using the Lee Factory Taper Crimp Die, try switching to a standard taper crimp die.
If you are seating and crimping in the same die, try switching to a separate seater and taper die.
Try a slower powder. Powder Burn Rate Comparison Chart
Slug your bore, oversized bores will foul heavily and be inaccurate. ( Midway USA sells a good slugging kit.)
Article: Slugging Handgun Barrels
Normal cleaning methods will work for our bullets; however, sometimes the coating will stay in the barrel. If you cannot remove the coating with traditional cleaners: Shooter's Choice, Breakfree, etc. -- see methods below.
The Lewis Lead Remover from Brownells works great on heavily fouled bores.
Stainless steel barrels only
  1. 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a jar
  2. Make a hook out of a paper clip
  3. Remove barrel and lower into mixture with paper clip hook
  4. Soak for 20 minutes
  5. Remove barrel and wipe off excess with paper towel
  6. 1 pass with a bore brush
  7. 1 pass with a tight patch
  8. Flush out under sink with water
  9. Dry off, patch out, and oil

Carbon steel barrels
  1. Take a “Chore Boy” stainless steel scrubbing pad
  2. Cut off a spiral portion from the pad
  3. Wrap around brass cleaning brush
  4. Apply Breakfree CLP—5 or 6 passes through the bore
  5. Patch out with favorite cleaner
  6. Dry the bore and oil